Reawaken your wild side and achieve the success you’re meant to have with grace, prowess and fierce feminine strength.

We are all on the HUNT for something greater, something to live for, something that fills us up more than we can imagine. 

We forget that our mind is connected to our bodies and the relationship with your physical body dictates almost everything in our world, whether we’re aware of it or not. It’s part of our resilience to adversity, it’s part of who we are, it’s something that gets to be cultivated so WE can move forward in all aspects of life.

We tap into this awareness so you as the Lioness or Lion who HUNTS down what you want and GOES after it, can have the tools and resources you need to stretch, expand and see new possibilities.  

There is a place within yourself where you can fearlessly face your biggest challenges, exceed past limits, let go of expectations, live the life you truly desire and be exactly who you are with no hesitation. It just takes some time and practice to get there and that’s where HuntxProsper comes in.

From Workshops, 1:1 Coaching, and VIP Immersions, you are supported every step of the way. 

YOU learn to fearlessly face any challenge and you have a pack of Lionesses watching your back, helping you when you stumble, and championing you when you win. 

We’re not made to do it alone, we’re made to do it together and together is where we stand.


Not having proper support

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed

lack of accountability

Feel like you’re loosing control

unPrioritized and disorganized

lacking energy & motivation

Feeling out of integrity

Over thinking & Over Analyzing

Lacking clarity

Feeling like you show up in your masculine

Tired of the bullshit


knowing what you commit to will be done

having confidence in your decisions

feel supported and energized

more productive

Less Stress & More enjoyment

Believe and trust within yourself

Developing deeper relationships and partnerships

Having structure and high level accountability to break through the ceiling

Run your business from your intuitive feminine

Are you read to become more resilient, successful and go after what you want most in life?

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Why is Embodiment So Important?

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Who is Kirsten

Kirsten Asher is a former stunt woman, entrepreneur and visionary behind HuntxProsper and HUNTRESSCoterie specializing in leadership, movement, vitality and community. She is the creator and facilitator of HUNTRESS/HUNTSMAN Workshops, Immersions, Coterie and Vice President of, a non-profit for girls providing sponsorship to educational programs and community to find their power, purpose and inner wisdom.

Her work promotes self growth, resilience, camaraderie, integrity and expansion. A strong pride of Lions and Lionesses creates engagement, desire to improve and higher satisfaction in life. We get to feel good, go after what we want and be the driving force in our own destiny.